Max Xu

Marketing Director, Action Taker, Christchurch

Max, originally from China, has lived in New Zealand for four years, understanding and appreciating both cultures. Max has completed market research reports for NZ clients in industries including media, food, wine, and agriculture. Max uses consumer research to enhance clients' marketing practices and optimise their media and branding strategies.

Gateway China

He ShiXiang 

Marketing Director, Marketing Brain, Beijing

Shixiang is our marketing brain. He is working as a manager for one of the highest performing Chinese venture capital firms. His company had invested in leading companies in four key sectors: Technology, Media and Telecommunications (Media oriented), Consumer Goods/Services, Modern Agriculture and Clean Tech. His marketing networks and industry knowledge benefits our marketing process by making it more efficient and faster.


Tommy Xu

Distribution Coordinator, Market Connector, Beijing

Tommy is our online supplier and distributor coordinator in Central China and has a natural talent for business networking. Tommy works as a project manager for a Chinese decoration company. He has worked with many international brands in China, such as GUCCI, NIKE, Rolex, Emperor Group, CITIC, and Kodark. Tommy builds many business networks through working with these global companies.


Lily Yang

Lab Coordinator, Tester, Hangzhou

Lily is working as a food safety tester for the Chinese local government. She has a Master's degree in food science and engineering at Zhejiang Gongshang University. Her research is on the food quality and biosecurity. She is our advisor on food safety policies and requirements.


Bill Yao

Distribution Coordinator, AKA AI Master, Hangzhou

Bill is our online supplier and distributor coordinator in Eastern China. Bill graduated from Hangzhou Electronic Science and Technology University, with a Master's degree in Intelligent Systems and Pattern Recognition. Bill is based in Hangzhou, the city famous for the Chinese E-commerce company, Alibaba. Bill is working for a world-renowned security company.